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Healthy Oceans, with Sharks

Ocean protection and restoration projects, focussing on apex marine predators.

Refer a friend - and we will donate to the RockHopper Fund

Nathan Trust x RockHopper

Nathan Trust has teamed up with the Rockhopper fund. Every time you refer a friend and they become a customer - we donate €50 to the RockHopper Fund. 

Please make sure that you get your friend to mention RockHopper when they talk to us.

How it works

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We're keeping it simple. We will add your details to become a Nathan Trust customer, there is a checkbox that you tick to agree to the donation.

Nathan Trust makes the donation, this does not cost you anything. We then send this money to the Rockhopper Fund which in turn helps them to continue their important work. 

About the RockHopper Fund

The RockHopper team supports scientific discovery that advises smart marine reserves.

They expand and actively support, ocean protection and restoration projects, focussing on apex marine predators. 

Check them out at:

Follow their Instagram page:   


Justin Blake - The Shark Scientist

“The ocean has captivated me since I can remember - the wide-open spaces, the deafening silence, the otherworldly creatures.

As a scientist, I believe in the power of sharing scientific discoveries and solutions with the world. Reconnecting us to the ever-changing moods, seasons and the exceptional lives of the creatures below the ocean’s surface.

I have spent my career seeking alternatives to funding cycles - building real value exchange between the passionate people needing support and those looking to connect more intimately with our planet’s wildest spaces.”

The Shark Sanctuary


Marine sanctuaries are special areas that protect important marine ecosystems around the nation. Some sanctuaries are breeding and feeding grounds for endangered sharks, others contain thriving coral reefs or kelp forests, and many are home to historic shipwrecks and other archaeological treasures.


How many referrals can I make? 

How do I know that money was donated to RockHopper Fund?

How can I refer a friend ? 

How many referrals can I make? 

You can refer as many as you like. The €50 referral fee is per customer. There is lots of ocean, the Rockhopper fund needs all the help it can get. 

How do I know that money was donated to RockHopper Fund?

We will regularly update you here and via social media on the number of donations, we have made to the Rockhopper fund. If you still don't believe us, just get in contact directly with Justin Blake and ask him!

How can I refer a friend ? 

Just send them our way! When your friend is onboarded as a customer, we will check to see if they would like to make a donation to the Rockhopper fund. Don't worry, we will make sure they say YES. Our oceans need all the help they can get. 

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Justin Blake, Rock Hopper Fund

60639d189732940b4a7bf8d1_Justin-Blake-1600x2133px"We’ve teamed up with Nathan Trust to help with our conservation efforts, every time you refer a friend and they become a customer, Nathan Trust will donate €50 to the Rock Hopper Fund."

Get in Contact with us!

If you have any questions about our referral program.