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Ireland continues to attract a high volume of high value FDI investment

Ireland continues to attract a high volume of high value FDI investment

When looking at the average value of investment projects compared to that based on the volume of job creation, a very different picture emerges (see below). For the sixth year in a row, Ireland tops the world’s ranking in attracting high-value projects. Denmark ranks second and Singapore is third.

While this ranking continues to be dominated by mature economies, it is of interest to note the presence of Hungary and Costa Rica in the top 10. These countries have successfully transitioned toward higher-value investment in recent years. It is particularly impressive that both countries have managed to achieve a significant increase in the volume of investment as measured by the number of jobs created combined with an increase in the average value of projects.

London continues to be the dominant metropolitan area for foreign investment measured by the number of projects attracted (see Figure 5). However, since the Brexit announcement, many companies have started reviewing the proposition of the UK, and London in particular, within their international footprints.

As a result, companies have started delaying expansion and relocation decisions, resulting in a decrease of new investment projects in 2016. The trend is likely to continue in 2017, as multiple companies have already announced concrete plans to shift some of their current activity in London to other European cities.

London’s top position is being challenged mostly by the Amsterdam-Rotterdam metropolitan area, which has shown consistent growth and become a global top destination for foreign investors, in particular ICT companies. Paris has also witnessed a decrease in inward investment projects. This may be the result of hesitation by companies after various recent terrorist attacks in the city. However, such perceptions of a city’s safety are often short-lived.

Dublin compares very favorably when you take population and geographical size into consideration. It attracts the same level of investment as Berlin, Barcelona and Manchester while having a fraction of their overall populations.

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