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My First Experience of the Working World

On the seventh of January, I started my six-month work placement in Nathan Trust. On my first day, I was extremely nervous but also extremely eager to begin. It would be my first experience of the real working world and an eye-opener to see if what I learned in college would actually be relevant in the real working world. So far it has been a full month of learning, new experiences and meeting new people. The only downside so far has been the early mornings and walking half an hour in the dark each day.

Everyone in the team at Nathan Trust has been very friendly thus far. As well as being friendly, the team has also been very attentive and ready to help, which has really helped me settle in and understand my tasks so I can work effectively. Doing the Pilates course with my colleagues was another new experience and also helped me settle in with the team.

So far the only things I’ve learned in college that have been relevant are the double entry skills and Microsoft excel skills. This is largely due to such things as revenue’s online system (which I didn’t even know existed up until a few weeks ago) and the xero software, which have both been essential tools for me so far, not even being mentioned throughout my two and a half years of college so far. Entering the working world is something that we prepare whilst in college but never really understand up until we fully experience it. This is one of the reasons I have really enjoyed my work experience with Nathan Trust so far. It has been a major learning curve and I feel it is much needed and has thought me skills which I would have never even considered while sitting in lecture theatres every day. I feel I have learned valuable skills and gained experience of working in an office environment, which is something that I would have been unprepared for if it wasn’t for my work experience.  I feel I have become more familiar and confident in learning new skills, being punctual and dressing according to a dress code, things which can’t fully be implemented while in college.

In conclusion, so far, my work experience with Nathan Trust has been a very positive learning experience for me. I feel I have greatly improved my personal and professional skills and I’m very excited and am very eager for the next few months ahead.

- Luke Power
Luke is doing a BSc Accounting in UCC
The 6-month placement during third year gives students the chance to apply their knowledge while gaining valuable experience in the working world.

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