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Setting up a company in Ireland - Process explained

Setting up a new company can be a daunting process. That’s why we've created the following infographic. It illustrates each step of the process involved when setting up a company in Ireland.

We have been using LiveChat for a number of years.
It is a great way to communicate and answer questions.
We had our chat with Alex at 8pm Irish time. 

We use GoTo meeting and like to do a video call
soon after the web chat. Face to Face meetings
are a great help when doing international business. 

The online setup form is really easy to understand
and complete. This form is digitally signed. 

Anti Money Laundering (AML) & Know your client (KYC)
checks are an essential part of doing business. 

Once we have all the documents back from Alex,
this takes about 3 days. 

Alex flew over to Ireland with a colleague and went
on a 2-day road trip organised by the IDA. Alex meets
with all the services providers, peers, and universities. 

This can take 4-6 weeks after the company was set up.

The bank really likes face to face meetings with new
customers. The account was open within a week
of the meeting.This includes USD, STG and
EURO accounts. 

We have a lot of contacts in this space. We also helped
connect Alex with a commercial lawyer
to look over the lease.

Alex had a couple of non-EU employees moving to
Ireland. Trusted Partnership helps speed up
processing of work permits. 

You need to allow 4-6 months for this and the
department always has some clarifying questions. 

Irish Universities are really open to partnering
with innovative tech companies. 

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