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Why do Cyber Security firms want to locate in Ireland?

Industry Leaders:

The cyber Security industry employs approximately 6,000 people in Ireland. With firms such as; Trend Micro, FireEye, Intel Security Group, Symantec, RSA, AlienVault, Malwarebytes, Forcepoint and eSentire Inc. all having a significant presence in Ireland, the country has positioned itself as an international Cyber Security hub.

Huge Opportunity

At the recent Dublin Information SEC2017 seminar in the RDS Concert Hall, former Tanaiste and Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation, Frances Fitzgerald, said that there is 'huge opportunity' for Ireland to be at the leading edge of the Cyber Security industry. The top 5 worldwide security software companies have already set up in Ireland. When you add to this the fact that 9 of the top 10 global software companies also have operations here, as well as 10 top ‘born on the internet’ companies (Google and Facebook), it becomes clear that Ireland is a favoured destination for the tech sector.

Why Ireland?

Education: One of the reasons that Ireland has become a significant base for Cyber Security companies is due to its well-educated and flexible workforce. Ireland has one of the highest graduate rates in the mathematics, science and technology field within the EU (Eurostat 2015). Ireland's Universities are very aware of the importance of Cyber Security in today's digitally driven society. The “collaboration culture” that exists here between industry leaders, research centres and academia enables Ireland to develop as a world-class Cyber Security practice and innovation hub. One example of this collaboration in action is the Atlantic University Alliance (AUA), which is a consortium of three Universities on the Atlantic coast of Ireland – NUI, Galway, the University of Limerick and University College Cork. At the heart of the Atlantic University Alliance is its interaction with academia and industry, bridging the needs of industry with the expertise of University academics.

EU Access: Ireland’s access to the EU allows companies based here to attract talent from all over Europe.

Cluster Effect: The presence of so many tech giants creates a ‘cluster effect,’ whereby a talent pool of employees exists. This talent pool attracts more companies, which in turn attracts more employees, and so the industry grows.

Corporate Tax/Pro Business: Ireland’s low corporate tax rate, its pro-business environment and the fact that its English speaking, makes it a favourable destination for a lot of companies.

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