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Wow - Ireland is the fastest growing tech worker population in Europe (2017)

Fastest Growing

Ireland has been named as the fastest growing tech worker population in Europe for 2017 in an annual report from the State of European Tech. The report was produced by Atomico in partnership with tech and business leaders such as; LinkedIn, Stack Overflow, Meetup, the London Stock Exchange, European Startup Initiative, and the European Investment Fund. The importance of this ranking is highlighted by the fact that access to talent is seen as one of the most important factors influencing founder location decisions in Europe. Ask any recruiter and they will tell you that technology in Ireland today is big business. Talent comes from all over Europe, predominantly from Southern Europe, Central and Eastern Europe and the Baltics. The UK and Ireland attract the highest share of talent, however Brexit is contributing to an increase in movement to Ireland.


Ireland’s form looks promising

The State of European Tech report also found that Ireland has raised more than $1 billion in capital investment since 2012, making it one of the top ten countries for capital investment in Europe. Ireland’s good form was also highlighted in the EU Commission’s 2017 Fact Sheet, which named Ireland first for skills and innovation. In addition, Eurostat research from October 2017 found that Ireland had the highest proportion of the high growth enterprises in the EU. The report found that Europe’s tech industry at an all-time high, and that the tech sector’s workforce is growing faster than overall European employment.

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