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How expensive is Ireland compared to the UK

Written by - Philip Nathan

The cost of living in Ireland can be slightly higher than that of the UK, largely due to taxes, rents, and goods being more expensive.

However, it's important to consider your lifestyle and spending habits as they could shape how much you spend regardless of where you are located - even if there is a difference between the two nations.

If you are thinking of moving to Ireland from the UK, then you should remember that VAT rates should also be taken into account when comparing both countries; with 23% charged on most items purchased within Ireland versus 20% for those made within England.


Even though Ireland is a net producer and exporter of food, it tends to be expensive. It is worth noting that the quality of food in Ireland tends to be very high. 

Item Ireland UK
Lunch in restaurant £14 £14
1l of milk £1.50 £0.99
500 gr of local cheese £4.85 £3.65
1KG of potatoes £1.14 £0.92
1 bottle of wine £12 £8
Bread £1.35 £.98



As stated in a previous blog, the housing market in Ireland is very hot at the moment where demand is outstripping supply. 

Location Ireland UK
Dublin/London £450,000 £541,000
Cork/Birmingham £350,000 £254,000
Limerick/Manchester £250,000 £220,000
Galway/Liverpool £345,000 £210,000



Type Ireland UK
1 Litre of petrol £1.68 £1.66
Intercity train ticket (return) £65 £85
Hyundai Tucson (2023) £35,000 £29,995

Cars tend to be more expensive in Ireland because of VRT. Vehicle registration tax is a tax that is chargeable on the registration of a motor vehicle in Ireland. Every motor vehicle brought into the country, other than temporarily by a visitor, must be registered with Revenue and must have VRT paid for it by the end of 30 days of arrival in the country.


Philip Nathan
Head of Sales & Client Services
Philip is responsible for our sales, marketing and client services department. This includes onboarding new customers and helping ensure they have a great experience building their business in Ireland. He understands the Irish and international business markets like no one. He is an expert advisor for businesses in Ireland. Philip keeps busy helping out with a Rugby club, Sailing club, community group, cycling, running, yoga-ing, cooking and generally dodging all other domestic chores.

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