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Human Resources - HR  

HR is evolving. Learn about the many ways good HR can impact your business. 


HR Services at Nathan Trust

Let us help you develop a HR plan that works best for your business needs – whether it’s customised, project-based or retained services. With our expertise in employment law and top performance standards, we provide the perfect formula to ensure success.

Our wide range of experience and in-depth understanding across a variety of industries, from Financial Services to start-ups, allows us to provide the highest levels of expertise when it comes to Organisational Change & Development. We also specialize in enhancing Wellbeing, Leadership capabilities, as well as Employee Engagement & Coaching for businesses big or small.

Some of our services include:


Discover how our comprehensive HR audit can uncover practical solutions to employee-related problems. We provide an in-depth report detailing the current strengths and weaknesses of your Human Resources system, so you can take necessary steps towards ensuring compliance with industry standards.


Keeping your small business compliant doesn't have to be a burden. We understand that resources are limited and large companies often have the advantage of full-time HR staff, but we can help you develop an effective personnel plan so you don't miss any important regulations or requirements. Take the hassle out of compliance with our specialized HR solutions for businesses like yours!


Struggling to find a permanent HR leader? We can help you bridge the gap. Our interim leadership will evaluate and reorganize your department for maximum efficiency, all while giving you support in finding that key candidate who fits perfectly with your unique needs.


We provide a range of HR services to organisations, from the creation of employee handbooks and job descriptions to developing performance management systems and crafting competitive compensation packages. Allow us to help you make your workplace more efficient with our professional project work.

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What are the costs involved?

Investing in professional HR consulting can be a smart decision for any business, especially when considering the range of options available. Hourly rates are an option if you just need occasional assistance or retained HR services provide ongoing support with convenient recurring monthly costs to ensure your company is always running smoothly and efficiently.

If you would like to learn more, you can contact a member of our team using the form below:

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