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PPS number – if you want to work in Ireland you’ll need one

Written By - David Bruton


So what is a PPS number?

A PPS Number is a Personal Public Service Number. It is a unique number issued to an individual for use in any transactions that they might have with public bodies. The purpose of the PPS number is to eliminate the possibility of public office confusing one person with another. Previously the PPS number was known as the Pay-Related Social Insurance (PRSI) number.

A PPS number is always 7 numbers followed by either one or two letters.

A PPS Number should only be used in transactions with Government Departments and Agencies or persons or bodies that they have authorized to act on their behalf.

Company Directors of Irish Limited Companies are required by law to apply for and obtain a Personal Public Service (PPS) number. Any individual shareholders who are in receipt of dividends must also apply for a PPS number.

I am moving to Ireland, how do I get a Personal Public Service Number?

Unfortunately, you must be living in Ireland to apply for a PPS number.  You cannot apply for a PPS number before you arrive in Ireland. You must show you require a PPS number for a transaction with a specified body.

In order to receive a PPS number, you will need evidence of identity, such as a Current Valid Passport or National Identity Card for EU and EEA nationals, while people from outside of the EEA are required to have a Current Valid Passport.

The following are not acceptable as proof of ID:

  • Baptismal Certificate
  • Employment Identity cards or Personal letters
  • Photocopies of certificates/document
  • Expired documents (For Irish and UK citizens passports expired within the last 12 months may be accepted)

You will also need to provide proof of residence in Ireland. The proof of residence must show the individual’s name and address and can be any one of the following:

  • a household utility bill
  • an official letter/document
  • financial statement
  • property lease or tenancy agreement
  • verifiable* employer’s letter
  • confirmation of address by a third party such as a school principal/administrator
  • accommodation/property owner**or manager

* It is not necessary that the employer owns/provides the address accommodation.

** Where an applicant is staying with friends/relatives an original household bill plus a note from the bill holder confirming residency at the billing address is acceptable. This note can be written on the bill itself.

Once you have the above paperwork in order you must make an appointment with a PPS Allocation Centre.

I am not a resident in Ireland but I need a PPS number, how do I get it?

In certain circumstances, people who are not residents of Ireland may require a PPS number. For instance, if an individual is a beneficiary of an Irish will need to supply a PPS number before a grant of probate can be issued.

In the event that a non-resident applicant cannot attend a PPS Registration Centre in person, the individual can avail of the DEASP’s Client Identity Service (CIS). In order to utilize this service, the applicant must documentary evidence that you need a PPS number for a transaction with a specified body. If you are living in Ireland or intend to relocate to Ireland for any period of time you cannot use the CIS application process.

If the applicant is living in Northern Ireland, or the United Kingdom, and is working in the Republic of Ireland, then they can apply for a PPS number in the normal way, with the necessary documentation at a designated PPS Number Allocation Centre.

Notification of PPS Number

A letter of notification will be automatically sent to the address of the individual once they have successfully registered. This letter of notification is acceptable proof of one’s number for transactions with specified bodies for public services.

Please note, that we do not help you apply for a PPS number in Ireland. 


David Bruton
Head Of Tax and Accounting at Nathan Trust
David Bruton is a graduate of Business from the Cork Institute of Technology. He is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and a Chartered Tax Advisor (CTA). In addition to dealing with ongoing accounting and tax compliance for clients, David’s areas of expertise also include personal and corporate tax planning, VAT, and the international aspects of the Irish tax system. David enjoys trying to take the mystery out of tax for clients.

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Please note, we do not help people apply for PPS numbers in Ireland.

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