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Import-One-Stop-Shop (IOSS) in Ireland

The new EU VAT Registration Rules for E-commerce for hassle-free customer experience.

Get IOSS registered in Ireland and sell to all 27 EU countries

Nathan Trust's IOSS solution includes:

  • IOSS registration and identification number
    Once you register, you can use your IOSS identification number for all shipments to the EU with a value of €150 or under

  • Monthly returns filing
    Nathan Trust will file returns electronically through the IOSS portal of the Irish Tax authority.

  • Tax Intermediary services
    Nathan Trust acts as your IOSS intermediary to complete registration and comply with EU requirements. This is compulsory.

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How much do we charge for IOSS registration?

The fees for the Nathan Trust IOSS solution are as follows: 

  • IOSS Registration in Ireland - €495 (one-time charge)
  • Monthly IOSS VAT Reporting - €1595 (charged annually)
  • Acting as your IOSS Intermediary - €895 (charged annually)

Fees for year 1 are €2,985 + vat. Please note, if we are invoicing a company or sole trader resident outside the EU, then there will be zero vat on the invoice.


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Do I need an IOSS intermediary or Fiscal Representative in Ireland?

Companies that are not established in the EU, or companies in a third country with which the EU has not concluded a VAT mutual assistance agreement, will need to appoint an intermediary to be able to use the import-one-stop-shop.

The EU has VAT mutual assistance agreements with the following countries:

  • Norway

If your country is listed above, you do not need to appoint a tax intermediary in Ireland. This list is being updated on a regular basis. 

Nathan Trust can act as your Fiscal Representative in Ireland.

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Do I need to register for an EU VAT number?

If you are selling goods or products to consumers in the EU (B2C) and the consignment value is €150 or less, then you should register for an EU VAT number. This is also known as the Import One-Stop-Shop or IOSS. 


If you do not have a company in the EU, then you can pick any EU country to register for an EU VAT number.  UK companies need to have an EU VAT number too. 


If you do not have an EU VAT number, then the customer will be liable to pay the VAT on the order before it is released from customs. This will likely delay the delivery of the goods and lead to unhappy customers. 


We are experts at helping non-EU companies register for the IOSS in Ireland, We provide a full service EU VAT/IOSS solution. 

How does this work for companies based outside the EU?

If the consignment value of the goods is less than €150, this comes under the IOSS regime.

It is not relevant if the company is part of the EU or not. 

Let's look at the following example:

  • Sofia from Germany orders a phone cover for €40 from a company based in the UK
  • The UK Co charges Sofia (€40 +  19%) because the VAT rate in Germany is 19%. The total invoice amount is €47.60
  • UK Co ships the product and it is delivered to Sofia without any delays a couple of days later. There is no customs duty on this transaction as the consignment value is less than €150. 
  • UK Co is registered for IOSS in Ireland. So at the end of the month, the UK Co files its IOSS report and pays the VAT owed to the Irish tax authorities (Revenue).
  • Revenue then pay the VAT over to the German tax authorities

Note that non-EU businesses are required to appoint an intermediary to take advantage of the mechanism. 

Once your company is registered for IOSS in Ireland. Here is how it works


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Do you need to have an EU company to register for IOSS?

No, you do not need an EU company to register for IOSS in Ireland. We are working with a number of UK, US, Indian and Chinese companies helping them to register for IOSS in Ireland and manage their monthly IOSS returns. 

How long does it take to register for EU VAT/IOSS in Ireland

This should only take 4 weeks but it can take longer. As a rule, we tell our clients that when working with government agencies, everything takes longer than you expect. 

Are IOSS sales exempt from customs duty?

Sales with a consignment value of less than €150 are subject to IOSS but are exempt from Customs Duty. 

Do UK companies need to register for EU VAT/IOSS?

As a result of Brexit, UK companies are no longer part of the EU VAT area for goods. UK companies that are supplying customers in the EU will need to register for IOSS in an EU member state. 

The UK is a 3rd country like the US, China or India.

UK companies need to appoint a Tax Intermediary/Fiscal Representative. Nathan Trust provides this service.  

Are you entitled to reclaim any EU VAT expenses under EU VAT/IOSS?

Companies registered under the IOSS are not entitled to deduct any VAT expense incurred in any EU country. The IOSS is designed to facilitate the payment of VAT, not the reclaiming of VAT expenses. 

What records must be kept?

Companies must retain detailed records of all transactions. This information must be retained for 10 years:

  • the Member State of consumption to which the services are supplied
  • the type of services supplied
  • the date of the supply of the services
  • the taxable amount indicating the currency used
  • any subsequent increase or reduction of the taxable amount
  • the VAT rate applied
  • the amount of VAT payable indicating the currency used
  • the date and amount of payments received
  • any payments on account received before the supply of the services
  • where an invoice is issued, the information contained on the invoice
  • in respect of services, the information used to determine the place where the customer is established or has his permanent address or usually resides.

EU VAT/IOSS registration in Ireland for UK companies

If you are a UK company that needs to register for IOSS, then Ireland is the best choice because:

  • Ireland is the only English Speaking country in the EU
  • Similar tax & legal system to the UK
  • Similar business-friendly environment to that of the UK
  • Nathan Trust can act as your tax intermediary/fiscal representative.

What services do we provide:

As a registered tax agent in Ireland, we provide the following services:

  • Register your Company for EU VAT/IOSS in Ireland
  • Act as your Tax intermediary/Fiscal Representative
  • File your monthly IOSS returns

We provide a full services solution for all your EU VAT/IOSS requirements. 

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Customer Testimonial

Haley Bishop, Hygge Bands 

"Super happy to have found Nathan Trust who helps with our EU tax (IOSS) needs. We were a bit lost with what to do but Nathan Trust made everything so simple from the beginning. Thanks!"


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