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Board Meetings

Our board support services includes preparation of board packs, meeting attendance, production of minutes and action points.

Regular board meetings are an essential part of good governance in running any company. Let our highly qualified company secretaries:

  • Assist you with  co-ordination of the meeting (scheduling, agenda etc..)
  • Our board meeting services provide for the holding of four brief meetings each year. Where the director cannot attend the meeting in person, they may join by telephone conference or video conference facilities.  . Where Nathan Trust provides registered office facilities to the company, there is no additional charge for holding these four meetings in one of our board meetings located. We are pleased to facilitate more than four meetings where desired, any such further meetings would attract an additional charge.  
  • Irish resident director(s) will attend the meeting.
  • One of our corporate secretaries will attend and minute the meeting.
  • Our company secretary will circulate meeting minutes to all directors.
  • Meeting minutes will be held on the company file once approved and signed.

Get in contact with us if you are looking for help arranging and running your board meetings. 

Get in contact with us!

If you need any advice or assistance with your shareholder board meetings.