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Dignity and Respect in the New World of Work

Quite recently, Mary Twomey from Nathan trust got a wonderful chance to attend the talk "Dignity and Respect in the New World of Work" organised by CIPD and held at MTU. When asked about her experience, she said that she really enjoyed the session and had some key interesting takeaways for all of us to understand the important aspects of DEI in the workplace. Here is what Mary had to summarise -
Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace should be a priority for every company. Building teams from varying backgrounds not only improve the employee experience but enhances productivity.
Diversity and Inclusion are a lot more than just putting policies and procedures in place, it is about employers respecting the individual and catering to the unique needs of their employees.
By being a diverse and inclusive organisation, you are able to unlock the best potential of your team. It is important as an organisation to adopt this culture as it creates a trust that allows people to be creative, share their perspective, and feel like their opinion matters to the business. It is important that employers are open to hearing feedback from their employees, being in constant contact and caring about employee performance and work experience makes them feel appreciated in the workplace.
There are many things an employer can do to include Diversity and Inclusion in their organisation, some of these are:
  • Offering a hybrid working model – this will be key in the future for attraction and retention in the workplace
  • Embrace Neurodiversity – Educate your workforce, explore reasonable accommodations for your employees, use inclusive language, and create a welcoming and supportive environment within your organisation.
  • Create a positive psychological safety culture within your business – give your team the tools they need to succeed.
  • Be aware of unconscious bias.
  • Develop a strategic training program.
  • Acknowledge holidays of all cultures.
Managing Diversity is defined as a holistic approach to creating an environment that allows everyone to reach their full potential. Diversity is a positive attitude towards difference.
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