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Setting up a Company in Ireland: How to register for VAT


VAT is a tax that is added on to the value of goods and services at every stage of production or distribution. As a consumer, most of the goods or services that we purchase have VAT included in the price.

As a business owner, once you complete VAT registration in Ireland, you are obliged to charge VAT on the products and services you sell. You also need to account for VAT in your VAT returns and pay VAT to Revenue.




When to register for VAT in Ireland?

In general, as a new business, you don’t need to register for VAT from the moment your business is set up. There are certain criteria your business must meet before you start charging VAT on your goods/services.

It’s important to note that both Sole Traders and Limited Companies are eligible to register for VAT and you should consult with an expert about registering for VAT before you do so.

How to register for VAT?

In Ireland to receive a VAT number, you will need to fill in a tax registration form and submit it to Revenue. During the VAT registration process, Revenue will want to see evidence that you trade with Ireland.

Revenue decides whether to accept or reject your application based on the evidence you submit.

Things to note before you apply for a VAT number


  • You need proof you require a VAT number
  • A mix of customers and suppliers in Ireland

  • 1 page business plan

  • .ie web domain

  • The business owner/Director lives here

  • You have a physical office in Ireland, a Virtual Office will not be accepted

  • An Irish phone number


How long does it take to get a VAT number in Ireland?

Once Revenue has received your VAT application, it can take 28 working days before you have your VAT number, and this is without any enquiries from Revenue.

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