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What is an IOSS Intermediary?

Are you looking for an IOSS intermediary

If you are selling goods to EU customers (B2C) and do not have a company in the EU, then you will probably need to appoint an IOSS Intermediary. 

If the consignment value of the goods is less than €150, this comes under the Import One-Stop-Shop (IOSS) regime.

Companies that are not established in the EU, or companies in a third country with which the EU has not concluded a VAT mutual assistance agreement, will need to appoint an IOSS Intermediary to be able to use the Import One-Stop-Shop.

The EU has VAT mutual assistance agreements with the following countries:

  • Norway

If your country is listed above, you do not need to appoint a tax intermediary in Ireland. This list is being updated on a regular basis. 


Who can act as an IOSS Intermediary?

An IOSS intermediary is normally:

  • A Company registered in the EU

  • The IOSS intermediary must register as an intermediary

    for the purposes of the IOSS

  • The Intermediary must be registered for VAT in Ireland

Typically, the tax intermediary will be an accountancy or finance company based in Ireland with an existing relationship with Revenue. Fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page if you want Nathan Trust to be your IOSS intermediary.


Once your company is registered for IOSS in Ireland. Here is how it works (1)-1


What is the role of the IOSS Intermediary?

Nathan Trust provides the following services as part of our IOSS Intermediary role:

  • Register your company for IOSS in Ireland

  • Complete monthly IOSS filing requirements

  • Act as your registered IOSS Intermediary

Your IOSS intermediary can also act as your tax agent in Ireland. A tax agent can submit returns on your behalf.  


What is the liability of the IOSS Intermediary?

According to the Irish Tax authorities (Revenue):

The intermediary will be responsible for the declaration and payment of the
VAT due to the importation of goods


they (Revenue) may hold the intermediary jointly and severally liable with the supplier
they represent

The IOSS Intermediary can be found liable for any VAT that is not paid by the supplier. This is a significant liability for the IOSS intermediary and this is reflected in the importance of the role. 

Check out our IOSS registration service for more information on this.

Our IOSS service reduces the complexity of this scheme so that you can stay focused on keeping your customers happy and your business running smoothly in the EU.


If you are looking to register for IOSS in Ireland, get in contact with us using the form below:

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