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What is meant by Employee Relations?

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Employee Relations

Effective employee relations are an invaluable asset to any organization, empowering employees and building positive relationships for greater productivity. It helps ensure that workplace issues are addressed fairly and equitably while creating a supportive culture where staff feel respected, valued, and motivated to contribute their best work. By cultivating job satisfaction through communication, performance management training/development opportunities - as well as compensation & benefits packages- it can lead not only to improved customer service but also reduced turnover. Ultimately fostering effective employee relations yields tangible rewards for the people of your establishment along with long term success within the marketplace. If you are experiencing poor employee relations you may be interested in learning about the best conflict resolution practices by clicking here. 

What is the difference between Human Resources and Employee Relations?

Understanding the difference between Human Resources (HR) and Employee Relations (ER) is key for any organisation looking to maintain a happy, productive workforce. These two functions are often confused but have distinct roles that should be recognized if an employer hopes to bring out the best in their staff. Let's take a closer look at what sets HR and ER apart from one another.

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